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Gharieni G-Vac

Gharieni G-Vac
Gharieni G-Vac
Gharieni G-Vac
Gharieni G-Vac
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Product information "Gharieni G-Vac"

Gharieni G-Vac

Medically proven
The Gharieni G-Vac combines clinically proven negative pressure wave therapy (Intermittent Vacuum Therapy) with the benefits of compression treatment (mechanical lymphatic drainage, sliding wave massage). Clients find the patented alternation of negative and positive pressure extremely pleasant, beneficial and relaxing. For use
For use in the Body & Shape area, the G-Vac is also equipped with a Beautylight module (red light in the near-infrared range, photo-biostimulation) for additional strengthening of the connective tissue and for a taut, smooth skin.
and for firm, smooth and beautiful skin.

Three in one
Vacuum waves, compression and photo-biostimulation (Beautylight) at the same time! This is the new top standard in modern full-body cosmetics, figure and health care.
The technology is safe and durable, made in Germany and TÜV-tested. The vacuum therapy is approved and certified as a medical product. Safe, simple and comfortable
The Gharieni G-Vac requires less space than a treatment table. The device has eight automatic treatment programmes that can be started at the touch of a button.
(touch screen). Treatments take only 25 minutes, which is sufficient for optimal treatment results.

- Electrically adjustable backrest
- Touchscreen can be equipped with additional card reader
- Certified quality according to ISO / ENTÜV and with CE marking

The technology
With this method, the body is treated alternately with vacuum and overpressure waves. The method originates from manned space travel. It is used by NASA to ensure the blood circulation of astronauts in weightlessness. The same method is also used in modern medicine for circulatory disorders, weak veins and swollen feet and legs. For use in modern figure and health care, the technique was additionally equipped with the "beauty light module", because a study shows how intense red and near-infrared light strengthens collagen density (connective tissue). The treatments last only 25 minutes
and take place while the patient is lying down.



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