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Gharieni RLX Satori

Gharieni RLX Satori
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Product information "Gharieni RLX Satori"

RLX Satori

Used in the most exclusive wellness centres, clinical health facilities,behavioural modification clinics, therapy and rehabilitation centres and allopathic hospitals worldwide, Gharieni Satori is a complete natural vibration and binaural sound therapy for complete synchronisation of body and mind. This combination of mental and physical stimulation is a powerful and effective tool for changing neural pathways and developing healthy behaviours. Vibroacoustic therapy has been clinically proven to have positive effects on the state of mind and behaviour of people recovering from stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and addictions, as well as people who want to reduce stress and live a calmer life. Gharieni Satori offers a non-invasive method of creating consistent and positive therapeutic responses without drugs, supplements, mechanical aids or electrical stimulation. Gharieni Satori uses proprietary technology that releases specific sound frequencies that are projected into the body while synchronous binaural sound and music design, sometimes combined with guided meditation, guides brainwave patterns into a state of relaxation, meditation, sleep and optimal brain concentration. The Satori System programmes include a separately orchestrated layer of special sound waves tuned to the energy centres of the body and transmitted via full frequency transducers. The vibrational frequency range of these transducers is from 15Hz - 17,000 Hz. The extended requency range delivered by the unique Chladne plate transducer mounts of the Satori system allows for precise delivery of frequencies that tune the body's energy centres and also align with healthy vibrational frequencies of the physical body. In a perfect fusion of ancient medicine and modern technology, the use of such a precise resolution of frequencies allows these energy centres of the body to tune into an optimal frequency, helping to connect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


RLX couch design
Gharieni audio vibration technology
9 exclusive new programmes (4 non-verbal and 5 voice-guided in English)
Reclining surface
Gharieni Satori tray

Possible options
Decor surfaces from our collection
Colour upholstery colour selectable in Stamskin / Stamskin Zen
Metal parts selectable in white, titanium or black-brown

Technical data
Entry height: 45 cm
Projection length: 190 cm
Width: 70 cm
Load capacity of the lying surface: 160 kg



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